KMELLIE will show only perfect products to our customers.

Unrivaled design quality
KMELLIE is the first company to pioneer
the jewel cross-stitch market in Korea.
With the skills of professional designers with accumulated
diverse experience and know-how,
We present works of outstanding collectible value.
Wide range of product types
It is possible to operate your own factory and
launch event products.
Launch of a variety of useful
jewelry cross-stitch products We have the largest
number of designs in the domestic industry.
Various design types
3D - A design type that is completed by attaching
the entire jewel cross-stitch design in cubic shapes.
You can complete your work with a clean feeling without any gaps.
5D - It is a faster design type that is completed by attaching
only part of the design to cubic shapes.
The work can be completed in a short period of time,
and the attached parts stand out three-dimensionally.
Colorful licensed collaboration
Own design with genuine license
We produce OEM products
with trendy products and popular characters.
Reliable and safe product
Don't worry about children's play.
Carefully selected through various safety
certifications such as KC certification
We only use ingredients.
Participating in fairs
and holding various events
Participating in domestic expo events to promote KMELLIE We are working hard to hold exhibitions and experiential events.